Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge: October 7th — October 14th

Take Three Selfies: Ugh, I managed to do it. Three selfies during the week. What a pain that was. Hard too. I never thought it was easy, but man this is impossible. I really struggle with everything in regards to photographs, but the selfies are crazy.

Workout Six Times: Whoops. Only managed about three times this week. Different things (like being of the female of the species) took over my life and made it a little difficult to finish up my goals. So, technically, I did fail this one. I managed to get some workout done as I went to the farm once again and sweated a bunch working in the garden. No one should ever underestimate yard work. That is exhausting, sweaty, muscle using work.

Email an Agent: This one I actually changed my mind afterwards. I put in some thought and considered it might not be the most beneficial move for myself and others. Agents have such busy lives that the last thing I want to do was add something unnecessary for them. A letter without a manuscript feels wrong. Instead, I sent another submission in. Fingers crossed something will open up for it!

Re-organize Room: Managed to get some cleaning done! Whoot on that! Still needs a lot of work–but phew. I feel better knowing some things are done.

Reach Out to Three New People: Check on this. Through my Instagram account, I reached out to three different people. So far there has been nothing in return, but it has been a huge step in the right direction. I took time to say thanks for their inspiration or compliment their accounts or asked about their camera choice. Just simple little things but I did it.

Weigh Myself & Talk About It: Haven’t completed this yet. I plan on making an actual post. But I’ll start off with something here: I weight 235 pounds. Ouch. Still far to away from my goal. Still less not toned enough or lighter. There is still a huge journey ahead of em and I’m just still a little loss as to what to do.

Research Places: There are too many places out there! Quite a few decent in price (except for the actual moving part) but it just makes me a bit more confused. Recently, I’ve kept my focus a bit more nationally and looked back into Portland and Seattle. Pricey, but both mark so many things off my list. They have house-styles I love (it needs personality) and cool weather. Neither are necessarily impossible to achieve (in comparison to say New York). There are jobs, plenty of restaurants, walkable places, clean air, greenery, and provide super healthy lifestyles which are huge for me. It’s a huge bonus both have personality and are big into art. Anyone from these areas/states? What do you think about them?

October 14th — October 21st

Weekly Challenge

Start Newt Healthy Lifestyle: I plan on completing it this week! I want to see and feel like I am accomplishing something in my pursuit of healthiness and tone. I need to get back hard into Weight Watchers, watch what I eat closer along with changing it into something bright and better (like what I see on this amazing blog by Bianca Zapatka). I don’t believe I’ll dive into the vegan lifestyle, but I certainly want to follow the fresh, clean concept of it. And document it more to push myself to keep up with it. (Intense workout, stricter diet, better research).

Send 5 Submissions to Agents: I need to push myself and my writing out there more. I’ve paused my pursuit of becoming a professional writer and that needs to stop. I have a dream to get my books published and that won’t happen if I don’t get out there and allow myself to get rejected. I need to work harder for this dream and yet I’ve stopped that–time to get back into back into it.

Apply to 30 Jobs: Sigh. This is the obvious. I need to do more applications and put in more effort into the search. I’ve applied to some amazing jobs that I feel decently confident about but nothing has happened. I cannot sit and wait for them to decide I am worth the interview. I need to push myself out there more and actually get some more applications done.

Take 5 Seflies: Ew. ‘Nuff said though. I gotta get used to how I look and push it out without shame. It will certainly take a long time for that but i need to try. I also need lessons. These pictures are so hard!

Reach Out to 5 People: This is the week of fives. But i want to try and connect to five strangers. It can still be the Internet or I can actually try to talk to people around me. I’ll at least add a sub goal to compliment at least one random person this week too. There is something really vital about sharing kindness with others and taking a moment to make sure they can smile. I will do my best to accomplish that within the week.

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