Winterfell, Take Me Now

I might not be in the majority with this thinking…but I hate summer. I just cannot stand heat. I live in Texas. Have my whole life. Born and raised here and have only been outside the state just a handful of times. And I completely HATE it.

Don’t get me wrong; Texas has some good points to it. Decent taxes, some good food, a nice country life, some bats…but the heat, the HEAT. I can’t take it. Twenty-eight years and each summer kicks me in the gut and then body slams me into the ground. And then fries an egg on my face out of spite. It goes days where I am left sticking to car seats, miserable thigh rashes (to much info?), dripping sweat, and feeling exhausted and just plain sad.

Hear that summer? You make me sad. As sad as Jon Snow looks:And summer can last nine months or more.

Send help.

For a few years now I have wished to move out of the state to somewhere cooler, where I could see more seasons and less sweltering. Oregon or Washington are calling me but so is Denmark (or anywhere else cold) and the United Kingdom. But who knows if I could reach those points in my life.

I just want cold. I want snow. I want sweaters. Oh man, you need to see my sweater collection. It probably doesn’t make sense to have so many living in such a hot state but I have a ton. More fall/winter clothes than summer and I just want to live within them all the time.

See my beauties (true I didn’t do them justice in these pictures)? They break my heart since I rarely get to wear them. True it’s the stupidity of the owner, aka me, butwho can really say no to sweaters??? They’re sweaters.

That I can’t use.

As someone who wants to heal and to find joy in surroundings, and myself, I don’t want to become a jealous person. But if you live in wonderfully cool weather, get the four seasons, and see snow I have very displeased feelings of nasty, negative emotions that brood from your luck.

Yeah, that sounds pleasant enough.

Honestly, I could go on and on in all CAPS about my displeasure with heat but I think I’ve said my peace and taken up enough time.

What season do you dislike? Or what is something you could just rant about for days on end? Maybe I can join you with them.

Quote of the Post:

“It’s freakin hot and I hate it. Save me.”


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