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Weekly Challenge: Pushing the Obstacles

October 7th — October 14th

After a difficult week where I have made more stumbles than steps, I decided to give myself another shot at this weekly challenge. After all, the whole point of this for myself (and others) is to not let the obstacles grind me to a complete halt. I have to accept there will be times where something, the simplest of things, won’t work out.

For a long time, I’ve had this twitch in my head where if I start something and then halt I have filed at it. Rather than just pull up my bootstraps and re-start or take it from where I left off, I would think I was not allow to touch it. Like I somehow sullied it because I faltered.

But that’s really not bettering myself, now is it? The point of growth is to face the moments where you fail; accept it, push through it, and learn from it. I was always too fearful of that, despite the fact that failure is nothing. It’s not shame, it’s not wrongness, it’s not something that makes me less. It’s just a part of life.

Trying, or the lack of, is where the breaking comes.

How do I ever expect to live my life if I don’t make more attempts? So that is a huge part of my weekly challenge till the 14th. I need to try things outside of my typical comfort and make attempts at bettering myself, not just to create something that sounds good on a blog.

Weekly Challenge

Take Three Selfies: I really dislike how I look and I really have never looked good in pictures. For some reason I always tense up and look flat and like I’m made of sludge. I avoid pictures the best I can. So this week I need to take three pictures of myself and upload them.

Workout Six Times: I am still pulling myself up from my moment of Depressant-Fineness from the past two weeks. I half-assed too much of my workout simply because I was just feeling meh about it. This week, I will push myself to sweat out the toxins inside of me and put myself in a better position.

Email An Agent: There is so much of my book written, I am ready for contact with an agent. I have already made submissions already but I have never made an attempt to reach out to one of them personally. Chances are I’ll never get a response back but what does that matter? I made the attempt.

Re-Organize Room: Not anything new. Just here for my own reminder. Cause it is diiiiiirty.

Reach Out to Three New People: I have plans on reviewing and really involving myself in the blogging lives of others (tho I keep dragging my feet on that–stupid anxiety) but that is just showing support and leaving comments. This is me actually sending personal messages to make a greeting and connection with others. From Instagram to Twitter to WordPress, I will send out “hellos” to people.

Weigh Myself & Talk About It: Yeck. But if I keep hiding this, won’t I continue to stay ashamed of it? I don’t want to use shame as a motivator any longer. And I know so many are in the same boat as me and struggle with the weight-loss. I want to be out there and hopefully help people with their own body-issues and weight journey.

Research Places: Dear Texas…we cool. But you’re not cool. You’re too hot. I can’t take it. I need winter and fall, thank you very much. I want to be somewhere that gives me seasons and snow. I want personality outside of industrial and car-lots. But to do that, I need to actually push forward and research it. It’s fun but scary. I need to not just look at gorgeous pictures; I need to balance budgets, reach out to people, and make strong considerations.


Weekly Challenges for You

Let’s do some of these things together. I want readers out there who are interested to try something new or different as well. It can be one simple thing or something bigger. I really want to hear from you all what you want to accomplish and how you think you’ll go about doing it.

New things are more fun in a group. I’m ready to get mine going–are you?

Quote of the Post:

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”

–Muhammad Ali


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