Weekly Challenge: Bettering Myself

Sitting in front of a computer screen is not going to change me. Sadly.

If I want to reach my goal of doing new things, living life, and learning to become a better me that I love I actually need to try something outside my protected bubble that is the Internet (boo).

So, I thought of doing a Weekly Challenge. Each week, on a Saturday, I will upload a list of things I want to try and accomplish during the following seven days. Some things can range from incredibly simple like simply being out of the house to something a bit more drastic (not sure what as an example so I shall just put the intense dun dun duuuuuuuuun here). The point of them is to make an attempt and say I tried something.

Who knows? Maybe one of these moments can be the thing I need to wake up from my stupor. At the very least, I don’t believe this can hurt. It’ll be nice if others joined me on this–but I understand this is difficult. I’m dreading a few myself.

But here is my unnecessary oath to try to do everything on my list with a sense of fun, respect, and importance.

  1. Writer Three Chapters (any of my books)
  2. Finish Reading a Book
  3. Write Five Posts
  4. Do One Thing New
  5. Compliment Three Strangers
  6. Research Denmark
  7. Take One Selfie

These seem a bit standard and perhaps a little easy but I think it’s the perfect way to start off this new set of events. Besides, talking to strangers and taking a selfie? Ick. But I think these will be perfect for my growth.

Now, why Denmark you might ask (or you might not, I don’t wanna assume). It’s because I want to seriously consider trying to live in another part of the world during my life. To me, even researching it is a rather scary step to take but something I do want to see through seriously, even if nothing happens. As for Denmark…have you looked up pictures of it? It’s a fairy-tale covered in snow. It seemed like the perfect place to start.

Next week, I’ll make another post with a new set of challenges and talk about what I managed to accomplish. I’ll let you know my experiences and let you know if it’s something I believe everyone should try.

Do you have something you want to try with me? Or something you just want to see me do? Please let me know in the comment section! And please, feel free to share your own weekly challenge you have set up for yourself!

Quote of the Post:

“Find out who you are and be that person. That’s what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come.”

–Ellen DeGeneres

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